List of Characters

Characters are listed in alphabetical order. Characters who've had their names changed in the US versions of the games are listed Japanese name/American Name. Alternate versions of characters (ie Shin Gouki, Violent Ken, etc) can be found on respective characters' pages.

Adon Alex Balrog/Vega Birdie Blanka Cammy
Chun-Li Cody Dan Dee Jay Dhalsim Dudley
Eagle E. Honda Effie Elena Fei Long Geki
Gen Gill Gouki/Akuma Guile Guy Hugo
Ibuki Joe Juli Juni Karin Ken
Lee M. Bison/Balrog Maki Makoto Mike Nash/Charlie
Necro Oro Poison Q R. Mika Remy
Retsu Rolento Rose Ryu Sagat Sakura
Sean Sodom T. Hawk Twelve Urien Vega/M. Bison
Yang Yun Zangief

List of Games

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