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Welcome to the SF Palette Database! The idea behind this site is to showcase all the different colour palettes the Street Fighter characters have been using throughout the years. Use this site as reference for fanart, cosplay, or whatever you'd like. I cannot guarantee that each palette shown here is 100% accurate to their game counterpart - however they are sufficiently accurate for most things you could want to use them for (95% or so, I'd say). MUGEN creators and the like might want to look elsewhere if they want perfectly accurate palettes for their characters.

To start browsing the database, just click one of the following links. The list of characters lets you choose a character, and see all of his or her different palettes in all the games they are in. The list of games lets you choose a game, and see all its characters' palettes. To read about the newest changes or additions, just click the "Updates" link.

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Note that while games like X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom, and SNK vs. Capcom: Chaos are featured on this site, I have only included the colour palettes for the Street Fighter characters in those games. A borderline exception would be Maki - as of the GBA version of SFA3^ and the cover of Udon's SF comic #1, Maki seems to be considered an SF character, so she gets to be on this site.

If you have anything to contribute, be it palettes, corrections, praise, hate mails or whatever - just fire off an e-mail to

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