I do not want to call myself a "poet", as there are so many other people out there worthy of that title, but I write something I refer to as poetry. The main language I write in is English, but sometimes I write in Swedish as well.

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The Northlight dances over the sky
Enchants everybody
Both me and Orion
Whose belt sparkles even brighter than the Pole Star

The legend fascinates me
More now than ever
How can I reach you
An image, a legend for many to see? 

Oh, Orion
I wish I could have met you
Oh, Orion
Please watch over me
Oh, Orion
Never stop lightening up my life

All others must stand aside you, my hero in the sky
Orion, oh, Orion

(Before Oct 1, 1994)


Pitch black outside 
I look at my wrist watch 
It's a quarter past eternity 
But still - through the murmur and laughing of the crowd - 
I sense a light - far brighter than the open fire 
All of creation is asleep (except for some united souls) 
But will be awakened again tomorrow 
In time (as always) 
Tomorrow will be the first day of the rest of my life 
Can I meet the challenge? 
I betcha - through the will of God 
I can do anything. The Light is shining 
forever and ever 
And shatters the darkness 
Nothing will ever be the same 
The future's so bright we gotta wear shades

(Aug 17, 1996)


I have a monster under my bed
His claws are there
Every night
To scratch my back

His white fangs glimmer in the dark
As he laughs at me
Talking in my sleep again

Jimmy - that's his name - looks nice
"For an immortal that is!" I tell him
He puts his fangs against my carotid artery
But lets me go

It's strange - That I've fallen
In love with this immortal
This blonde, muscular young man
That is eternally mine

I know he loves me (and his mother)
And protects me from dangers
His appearance and peronality
Makes him so much more
Than just the monster under my bed

(Summer of 1997)


You gotta be brave
'Cause you're Brave Dave
Brave enough to let your tears show
To let people know how you feel
The vertebrae might have healed 
But people's comments pour salt in the wounds of your soul
Never mind the healers, just heal yourself
You're not alone - as long as you don't give up
And stay brave
Brave Dave.

(Dec 2, 1996)

We read
About Jesus
We loved
We anticipated
His long-awaited

We started looking
For what the church
Did not seem to want
(us) to find
His long-awaited

We found Him
Along with all
The other Messengers
Of God
In one single Manifestation
Of God
The Blessed Beauty

We found
All of them
We no longer anticipate
But tell of
What happened in the mid-1800s

A miracle
The Lord of the Age
in our midst
We have seen the Glory
of the Coming of the Lord
In His Father's name

We are witnesses of
His long-awaited


I’m a Spirit Warrior
I may not be a member of the Salvation Army, but nonetheless
I’m a Spirit Warrior.

On a quest to guide souls aright
Lead them to their true existence

I’m a Spirit Warrior
Leading souls to where they came from, where they’re heading and where they always belong

I’m a Spirit Warrior
Guiding people back to what really matters

I’m a Spirit Warrior
Fighting in God’s Army
The love of and for God my weapon

I’m a Spirit Warrior
And somehow I will win
Not only this battle
But the war
The war for people’s forgotten true selves

I’m a Spirit Warrior
Beaconing my sisters and brothers
to their – our – True Father.

I’m a Spirit Warrior
Sent by God on a mission I will not fail
I can do whatever I want
As long as I do it for God and humanity.

I’m a Spirit Warrior
You should fear me
For I come with the truth
I come with the love
I come with God.

(July 8, 1999 , revised January 19, 2000)

Thanks to Thomas DiLeva for "Sjlens Krigare" J

I spin, and spin, and spin around
I spin until I touch the ground
I fell from the clouds in the seventh sky
I’ve seen a lot I can’t deny
I’ve felt the truth, I’ve seen it all
I know God, so it doesn’t matter if I fall

He told me His truth, why people live in pain
Oh, God, please – receive me again!
I’d lost myself, I’d lost my pride
Thank you God – I didn’t commit suicide

I know why I live, I know why I die
And now I can go on and live with pride
But something’s changed, deep inside
I know God’s truth, that’s all I can tell
And something more – there is no hell!
Only a garden, full of love
In the sky, in the Heaven of God above

Now you know, to die is nothing bad
I will miss you, but I won’t be sad
You said: "I’ve made my move, I’ve made my choice
I wanna hear that loving voice"
I feel so calm and you know why
‘Cause God will take care of you – and me – when we die



The angels sing for me
At first I don’t hear it, but suddenly
The sound grows stronger
The beautiful chorus surrounds me
I can feel the angels breathing
in my hair
I feel them rock me
I get more and more calm
Even satisfied
While I know my angels,
sent by God the Almighty
Watch over me at all times
Rock me to sleep every night
Cover me with their sparkling wings
To protect me from danger
I can hear the angels sing
Sing for me, only me
The angels sing for me

(Oct 10, 1994)

Who? Me?
Thank you!
I bet you don’t know
What warmth there is
In the smile of a stranger

(Aug 8, 1998)


Why didn’t you tell me anything?
Why did you bear your pain silently, all alone?
I wish you would’ve told me how you felt
I wish I would’ve noticed before it was too late
How will I be able to live without you?
I’d like to know why you did it
And why Jehovah took me from you so soon
Please, give me an answer!

(Nov 11, 1995) Note: "Jehovah" can be exchanged for another name/title for God.

When you told me
I wasn’t sure what you said was true
Or if it was just a hoax.
Maybe you told me the absolute truth
Even though I believed you were just pulling my leg
You were famous for your histrionics
But now I know
The thing you told me came from your heart
Your sincere feelings told
To me

(Dec 1, 1996)

I see a Light
That wasn’t there before
I feel a love
That is stronger than any love I’ve ever felt
My world is filled with colors
I haven’t seen before
And my life is filled with friends
That I didn’t think I’d get
All this thanks to God the Almighty
Thank God for Bah’u’llh!

(Dec 5, 1996)

You opened my eyes
To caterpillars and trucks
You made me see beyond the surface
And discover gems deep inside.
From the first time we met
All I remembered was Mercedes and shrimp sandwiches
The second time your black leather vest and your cologne
Then I was afraid to call you
But after I had done it
I didn’t regret it
From there it’s been a bumpy ride
In a yellow tractor
But I don’t want to change a thing
Won’t you spend the time till the Strange Days with me?

(Dec 1, 1996)

At Christmastime
I think of Christmases past
Joys and sorrows
Food and gifts
But this year I thank God
For the best gift of all

(Dec 2, 1996)

3 rocks
Though differing in shape and color
Still they are united
As they are the same.
In the eye of the beholder
They may not be equal in value.
But in the eyes of their Creator
They are united in their diversity
In His eyes
Rocks are gems
But us humans
With our limited vision
and understanding
Believe we can see what they really are
When all we see are
3 rocks

(Last week of June, 1998. Revised January 19, 2000)

Words hurt
But so do silences

Prefer heated discussion
or "he who is silent gives his consent"?
I don't know

Words hurt
Cursing, teasing and derogatives

Silences hurt
Do you agree or disagree with me?

I am a master of telling people
how they should live their lives
But when they tell me how to live mine
I enclose myself in my shell

I hurt
others and am

I ask Thee, O Heavenly Father
to make this egoistic child grow up
and become a pedagogical teacher of mankind

To help them avoid making mistakes
My mistakes
and avoid the words
that do other people harm

We have to learn to choose our words carefully
To think before we speak
So that two words never again said
Will hopefully be

Words hurt

(Nov 20, 1998)

Copyright 2002: Cecilia Lind
Last updated: Jan. 13, 2002