My full name is Eva CECILIA Lind (Cecilia Lind also happens to be part of a Swedish translation of the Peter, Paul & Mary song Monday morning), but I'm known as Ceci or the DQ (feel free to ask) online.

I was born (June 15, 1976), raised and live in Norrfjärden in the north of Sweden. But I don't live with my parents anymore! ;-) I bought my own house back in 1999, and I love the freedom! (Well, relatively speaking - because of my disability I need some help) My '95 Hyundai Accent GLS also helps me feeling independent (when the eBil car decides to behave). I can go wherever I want and I don't need anyone to take me there.

I was recently employed by Excellent E-Service to do translations. Unfortunately they don't need many things to be translated, so I only work when they do.

In my spare time I write, go to my painting study circle, which I really enjoy, take part in a study circle for disabled adults (I find it very rewarding), and sometimes (okay, rather frequently) go out dancing (especially to Avant). I also hang out with friends - both on- and offline. ;-)

I love to travel, and so far I have been to Finland, France, the US, Greece, Tunisia, Norway, and England.

Another thing I love is languages - I speak English and Swedish fluently, and have studied German (7 years), French and Spanish (one year each). I'm also making attempts to learn some Dutch and Japanese. A language I would love to learn is Persian. One of the reasons why I'd love to learn Persian is because I'm a Bahá'í.

I also like to read books (J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter and Mercedes Lackey's The Mage Wars books come to mind), sing (gladly but not as well as I'd like to), and spend time with my family.

I also watch a lot of TV (I follow several series) and movies. Usually I avoid sports, unless it's athletics or disabled sportsmen/women. I think my aversion to sports has a little to do with the fact that I've been an active sportswoman myself (table tennis, wheelchair racing, cross-country skiing, archery, and sledge hockey to mention some of it), and I've grown tired. I'd much rather sit in my living room and cheer, thank you very much. ;-)

If you want to know more about me, please contact me, preferrably through e-mail, or check my LiveJournal.

[Photo by Avant, used with permission (vill du ha din krona, Lenco? ;-) )]